Tools to assist you on farm, including farm management, business, employment and environmental information.

Deer Feeding Calculator - calculates intake and allocation required to hit target weights by defined dates.

A complete farm management calendar, including information on health, reproduction, management and feeding trigger points throughout the year.

A control plan for parasites in weaner deer. What products to use, in what combinations and when to use them to ensure best results are achieved.

Templates to help analyse specific farm system performance, be it Velvet, Finishing, Reproduction, Replacements....

P2P Deer Growth Curves

These curves have been developed to help deer farmers to monitor the performance of their own deer over time and between years.  It is hoped that farmers will find them useful as a monitoring tool

If you are a sonographer seeking clean and annotated images of foetuses throughout gestation with commentary,

Farm budget and performance indicator

Information and tools to assist with on farm environmental planning and management.

A set of tools and useful information to assist deer producers looking to contract the supply of weaner deer

Body Condition Scoring can be used to asses the condition of your deer and is an important management tool.