Velvet Market Development

Velvet Market Development

Velvet market development contributes to creating sustainable and profitable business streams throughout the New Zealand velvet industry with this novel health ingredient - well respected by sophisticated consumers in Asian markets. Market development includes improved access and positioning so that New Zealand velvet is recognised, valued and sold as best in its class in Asian markets.

Velvet Industry Strategic Intent: 2009-2014
To enable New Zealand velvet to be recognised, valued and sold as best in its class in Asian markets, the deer industry must:

  1. Ensure freedom to operate
  2. Improve market access
  3. Protect and grow its core markets
  4. Provide efficacy based research
  5. Strengthen the New Zealand velvet brand

The industry has identified its core markets as South Korea, China and Chinese Taipei. Why these markets? They have a strong understanding, tradition and core belief in the role that velvet provides to support a healthy lifestyle. Velvet is a cornerstone ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but is rapidly becoming viewed by well-respected companies as an opportunity to grow new markets as an easy to consume supplement, capitalising on changing consumer behaviour. Further, growing wealth in these markets means that more consumers can afford to use velvet to maintain health, once reserved for the well-off.

How is the New Zealand velvet brand increasing its appeal in these markets? More Oriental Medicine Doctors, food companies and consumers understand the key attributes of New Zealand velvet:

  • Produced in a clean, green and free range farming environment
  • Strict animal welfare controls for removal
  • Robust quality control systems throughout the supply chain
  • Absence of disease present in other parts of the world
  • Safe ingredient for their customers to consume
  • Consistent quality and good overall industry structure.

An overview of the current focus points for Velvet Promotion

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