Venison Promotion

Venison Promotion

Venison Industry Strategic Intent:

To Inspire the New Zealand Deer Industry to Profitably Grow and Market the World’s Best Red Meat.

The Deer Industry must:

  • Achieve demand lead premium positioning of New Zealand venison underpinned by a differentiation strategy
  • Fully support long term commitment to product and market development
  • Encourage farmers, processors and customer towards long-term supply commitments
  • improve on-farm productivity
  • Ensure the industry has freedom to operate.

New Zealand venison is well regarded by customers in Europe as the ideal venison for the European game season. Most New Zealand venison is served in the European autumn and winter and is served in traditional manner.  This provides the New Zealand industry with a firm and secure market. But New Zealand venison is still little known among consumers and is not often used outside of the game season.

New Zealand venison is a delicate flavoured and delicious meat which is ideal for all kinds of cooking and the New Zealand deer industry believes that chefs can use it in a wider variety of dishes over the whole year.

Target Audiences

  1. “Young Chefs”: Innovative chefs with menu setting responsibility.
  2. “Household shoppers”: 35 to 60 year olds with primary shopping responsibility, who shop where venison is available, have higher incomes and education levels, who accept game meat, and are open to new ideas.

An important link to the food service and retail sector, the wholesale trade is a vital bridge that needs to understand and communicate knowledge about New Zealand venison which makes it good quality and a premium product. 

The key strengths for New Zealand venison on a ‘Price Acceptance’ argument are:

1. NZ Venison is suitable for high end cooking/dining
2. Safe and Healthy Choice
3. Natural origin 

If a 'Relationship’ based approach is adopted the most important facets to emphasise are:

1.   Good for special moments
2.   Unique and enjoyable taste
3.   Natural origin

The 4 priority areas for Deer Industry New Zealand are:

Priority Area


1. Young European Chefs

Education, training and inspiration to position New Zealand venison as a premium protein for the Continental European food service.

2. Industry Good Promotion

Increasing awareness of the quality and availability of New Zealand venison in key alternative markets.

3. JP Funds for Niche Opportunities

Company activities which develop niche opportunities and chilled channel expansion for New Zealand Venison as a premium red meat, funded up to 50% by Deer Industry New Zealand

4. DINZ services

Provision of quality material and services to support attainment of industry objectives.

Showing the next generation of European chefs why New Zealand venison is so good.

New recipes, food photography, websites, maintaining an industry presence on social media are services that no individual company will do on behalf of everyone, but are important for the industry’s reputation.

Jointly funding marketing companies' venison promotion activities to increase demand for New Zealand venison.

Working with Venison processing and marketing companies to create demand for New Zealand venison.

New Zealand farm raised venison is tender and delicious and can be adapted to a wide variety of cooking styles.