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29 Jul 2015

Firm demand from Europe and a more favourable exchange rate mean venison producers can expect prices during spring and through into 2016 to be higher than last year. On 27 July the average stag 60 kg AP venison schedule stood at $6.85, 10 per cent ahead of July 2014.

29 Jul 2015

After three seasons of measuring, weighing and assessing, AgResearch has completed the physical side of the Deer Progeny Test project. Initial analysis shows there’s plenty of potential to add value to deer by selecting for animals that, for instance, grow faster, have larger eye muscles and bigger tails.

29 Jul 2015

A wound treatment product based on a deer antler extract is now the subject of a clinical study at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland. The study, which will involve up to 20 volunteers, aims to find out whether the RepaiRx extract improves tissue healing for patients being given skin grafts.

28 Jul 2015

AgResearch is now testing a velvet extract that stimulates high levels of immune activity, in order to identify the compounds that give deer antler velvet its immune-boosting properties. If its scientists are successful, it will be an important step in getting velvet products registered as healthy functional foods in Asia.