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27 Nov 2014

Sustainable farming practices within the deer industry will gain additional profile through the release of five video clips on Monday 24 November. NZ Landcare Trust worked with deer farmers in Central Hawkes Bay, capturing examples of good industry practices that are improving the environment.

25 Nov 2014

Reports from around the country point to a strong start to the velvet selling season, with prices up for the third successive year. The biggest reported increases have been for spiker velvet, though prices appear to have firmed across all grades.

25 Nov 2014

The Primary ITO’s new deer farming training regime is bedding in, with one level 3 course completed, one underway and two planned. Trainees who complete the courses will be awarded their Level 3 Certificates in Livestock Husbandry/Deer.

25 Nov 2014

NZ-based velvet processors will need to be patient before they benefit from the NZ–South Korea Free Trade Agreement. Tariffs and taxes of around 45 percent apply to imported velvet. Of these, only the 20 percent import tariff is being phased out and even then it will take 15 years.