Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Definition of Quality

To the deer industry, "quality" is core to its approach and philosophy in the production of its deer products. Quality also underpins product marketing programmes.

Not restricted solely to product quality, the industry takes a broad definition of quality to encompass animal welfare, animal health, food safety, identification and traceability and environmental issues. In other words, the concerns that the industry’s international customers hold in their minds and seek reassurance and information about and its social responsibility to New Zealanders.

That’s why the deer industry’s quality programme’s aims are to provide its customers, worldwide, with an assurance that its products always meet their requirements and to play a positive role in New Zealand economic and social development.

At the same time, experience has shown that consistently meeting those needs also helps improve productivity (and therefore returns) on the farm. So it’s a win/win result.

New Measures for Handling Velvet May 2017

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Click here to download Useful Questions & Answers regarding the Hygiene Requirements, Cold Chain Management, Transport, Traceability and Auditing of the New Measures for Handling Velvet May 2017 >>

The national standard for deer farming agreed by venison processing companies has been published as the DeerQA On-Farm Industry Agreed Standards.

Venison processors agree to inspections to confirm they are operating in manner that ensures the best quality meat.

Having established standards for the transport of deer is not only vital for the health and well being of the deer being transported but also for the safety of the transporters moving the stock. Having a QA programme in place ensures that people are well trained and understand the requirements when it comes to trucking deer.

A list of companies that comply with DINZ audits of Standard Carcass Trim

Authorised access to the NVSB database for supervisory vets and others as determined by NVSB Executives. Contact DINZ on 04 473 4500 to discuss access to this database.