Venison production & pricing trends

Venison production & pricing trends

Farmed Venison Production (Hot Carcass Weight) 2005 to 2015
  2005/6 2006/7 2007/8 2008/9 2009/10 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15
tonnes 40,088 32,893 32,318 27,290 21,339 22,920 22,812 23,773 23,340 21,374
% Change   -17% 1.7% -15.7% 21.8% 7.4% 0.5% 4.2% 1.8% -7.3%
Source: DINZ

Total venison production of 21,374 tonnes in the 2014/15 season was down 7.3% on the previous year.   The reduction was due to fewer animals being available for due to the smaller national herd, plus, an incresae in the number of stags being retained on farms.

venison schedule graph


Stable Market Prices.

After a difficult period of over-supply through the mid-2000s venison returns have proven among the most stable of New Zealand's primary products.  A spike in farmer returns in 2008 was driven by the weak value of the NZD.  Stable volumes and market diversificiation have led to less volatile returns since 2006. 

Since 2007 the weighted average venison schedule has been $7.39/kg (gross). 

The venison industry will not be immune from changes in market conditions, exchange rate fluctuations and competitive forces, therefore prices will continue to fluctuate, but the sector looks forward confidently to continuing strong, stable returns