Selections & Appointments Panel

Selections & Appointments Panel

The NZDFA represents deer farmers in appointing producer members to the Board of Deer Industry New Zealand.  This is done by way of the Selection and Appointment Panel.

The panel is made up of the four members of the Executive Committee, together with four directly elected members, 2 from each of the North Island and South Island.  These four elected members are each appointed for a two year term.  The panel also formally meets with its board members on a biannual basis to brief them directly on Association member issues.

The current elected members are as follows:

Paddy Boyd (Chairman)
Haldon Station, Fairlie
Telephone: 03 680 6637

Donald Whyte
Mount Somers, Ashburton
Telephone: 03 614 7131

Leith Chick
Te Awamutu, Waikato
Telephone: 07 872 5551

Brian Russell
Dipton, Southland
Telephone: 03 248 5007

Executive Members of the SAP:

John Somerville (Executive Committee Chairman)
Wyndham, Southland
Telephone: 03 246 9803

David Morgan
Pleasant Point, SCNO
Telephone: 03 614 7181

Grant Charteris
Waipawa, Hawke's Bay
Telephone: 06 856 5747

Justin Stevens
Seddon, Marlborough
Telephone: 03 575 7180