The NZ Deer Industry

The NZ Deer Industry

The first licence to farm deer in New Zealand was issued in 1970, so the deer industry is a relatively young industry compared to the rest of New Zealand agriculture. New Zealand is the number one source for farm-raised venison worldwide with around 2000 farmers farming approximately 1 million deer.


Deer were first introduced to NZ in 1861 mainly for recreational hunting, but quickly spread causing damage to fragile flora. Efforts to manage deer's impact on the environment resulted in the birth of a new industry which led to commercial deer farming New Zealand.
NZ Deer Industry population figures and export earnings

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New Zealand venison marketing companies can deliver premium quality venison 12 months of the year.  However, because a natural pasture based farming system is used in New Zealand there are peaks and troughs in the supply of chilled venison due to the annual production cycle.

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