Deer environment group wins award

Deer environment group wins award

Friday, October 18, 2019

A big shout-out goes to the Southland Environment Advance Party. They walked away from the Environment Southland community awards last week with the “Environmental Action in Water and Land Management Award” and a $1000 cash prize.

Advance Party members at the awards dinner with Jill Gwynne, a representative of the award sponsor AON

Members of the Advance Party are Bruce and Robyn Allen; Nathan Coburn; Peter and Sharon McIntyre; Cam Nelson; Tony, Michelle and Kate Roberts; John and Melessa Somerville and newer members Steve Collet and Doug McCall. The facilitator is Jane Chrystal.

They are strongly committed to productive, profitable deer farming and a healthy environment. Each member has an on-farm project underway to help them better understand the impact of deer on soil and water and to how do things more sustainably. Projects include water quality testing, creating sediment traps, fencing off critical source areas and planting out and creating wetlands.

DINZ environment stewardship manager Lindsay Fung says the award is well deserved. “The group members are really going for it. They’re doing great things and sharing the lessons they learn with each other, the wider industry and Environment Southland staff.”

He strongly encourages members of Deer Industry Environmental Groups and individual deer farmers to enter such awards. “Even if you don’t win an award, your involvement sends a positive message to the wider community that deer farmers are doing the right thing. Having a good reputation is arguably our industry’s greatest asset.”

The work of the Advance Party featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Deer Industry News.

Advance Party member Cam Nelson taking a water sample from a tile drain flowing from under a wintering paddock. His project is to get a handle on the influence of deer management on ground water quality

View a YouTube clip about the work of the Advance Party >>