New pasture management



DO                                                                                       DON'T

First 6-10 weeks

Graze lightly when grass seedlings cannot be 'plucked out' by hand. Aim to remove top 2-3 cm using young stock.

Spray weeds.

Apply N (20-25 kg N/ha).

Pug new pastures - graze in dry conditions.

Delay the first grazing. This slows establishment and can reduce yield by up to 1 t DM/ha.

Second grazing onwards

Maintain consistent residuals - new pasture grows rapidly and needs frequent grazing.

Monitor weeds.

Let pastures get too long.

Make heavy hay or silage crops in the first season.

First winter

Apply N before soil drops below 80C or before become too wet.

Pug new pasture - keep off young pastures in wet conditions.

First summer

Be gentle on new pastures.

If dry, keep grazing light, leaving at least 2-3 cm residual.


Restock new pasture too early after dry spells - let it recover and build its reserves.