Proof of integrity from farm to market

VelTrak is a fully electronic, web-based system that enables velvet to be tracked and traced each step of the way from the farm to the market (and vice-versa). 

It proves to customers that the velvet they are buying is produced on quality assured NZ farms and meets our stringent animal welfare and food quality standards. It builds on the great work done by farmers to upgrade their sheds and freezers to comply with the MPI Regulated Control Scheme (RCS). 

DINZ has developed VelTrak to help lock-in the price premium that NZ velvet now enjoys in South Korea over velvet from competing countries. It will also help our velvet exporters and DINZ to grow the market for velvet-based health foods across Asia. 

VelTrak is what the major health food companies in South Korea have been asking for. It provides them with the proof of integrity and traceability they need to protect the reputation of their brands. It is also expected to be a major selling point when marketing our velvet to similar companies in China, Taiwan and elsewhere.

Other producing countries do not have the technology we have developed for VelTrak.. Dishonest traders will find it extremely difficult to counterfeit VelTrak tags and pass off other velvet as being from New Zealand.

What do we need to do?

VelTrak is a web-based application (a website) that can be accessed from a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You do not need to install any special software on these devices to use VelTrak, unless you are a velvet buyer or packhouse scanning velvet tags.

Before the start of the 2021/22 velvetting season, all farms, vet clinics and businesses involved in velvet removal, procurement, warehousing, processing and packing for shipment will need to register with VelTrak. 

Each user of VelTrak must have a unique email address. This will be your ID for logging on to VelTrak. If you are deer farmer who also works as a deer vet, or as a velvet buyer, you will need a separate email address for each of these business activities. 

If your deer farm, clinic or business is known to DINZ and you are designated as the main DINZ contact, registration instructions will be automatically emailed to you.  If no-one in your operation receives this email you’ll need to get in touch with DINZ so that we can email a registration invitation to you.

We will let you know in plenty of time for you to register. Please don’t try and register before the opening dates below.

Registration opens

  • Deer vets: 6 April 2021
  • Buyers & Packhouses: 6 April 2021
  • Farmers: 3 May 2021

What will change for everyone?

From the 2021/22 velvet season, each stick of velvet will need to be tagged by the farmer with a black VelTrak tag made from synthetic paper. These tags will look similar to the blue tags used in used for the last two seasons, but they will now have a RFID UHF chip embedded in them. The chip and the barcode will carry a code that is unique to that tag. 

Tags will be allocated to farmers by their vet clinic, which will have recorded them on the VelTrak website. The tags will next be scanned and recorded by the velvet buyer, or the receiving warehouse, using a UHF scanner. 

Tags will be part-paid for by levies and part-paid for by farmers. This is to discourage the mis-use or loss of the tags and to spread costs fairly across users. Vets will be billed by DINZ for the tags and they will pass this cost on to their farmer clients, along with a appropriate mark-up to cover their handling and inventory costs. 

The retail price of the tags is expected to be around 49 c/tag. When tag production costs are confirmed, DINZ will publish a recommended retail price.

What will change for farmers?

What will change for vets?

What will change for buyers and pack houses?

VelTrak benefits

Information on UHF chipped identification tag, scanners, barcodes and the website

What do our customers say about VelTrak?

FAQs for VelTrak

This protocol governs the confidentiality of VelTrak data, that is how data about individuals and organisations is protected from third party disclosure without authorization of the person or organization concerned.