Why join an Advance Party?

Why join an Advance Party?

Deer Industry Advance Parties 

If you’ve asked yourself “What can I do to change my deer farm to make more money?” you’ve done what you need to join an Advance Party.
You know there are things you can do to make a difference to your business, but it’s often difficult to know where to start.  If you’ve identified things like a lower weight gain than your neighbour or you think your fawning rate can be higher, the answer probably lies somewhere, but finding it is difficult.

The New Zealand agricultural industry has a long history of trying to make people better farmers, with ‘tech-transfer’ and ‘extension’ and ‘discussion groups’.  And while these groups have been good at bringing people together, they have seldom provided the tailor-made suggestions needed to make changes on individual farms.

Deer farmers know that there are things that can be done to improve deer performance.  And deer farmers are the best people to work together to come up with the practical solutions to the issues individual farmers have.
That’s why, as part of a broader productivity push call Passion 2 Profit (P2P), DINZ is funding and encouraging practice change groups which we’re calling Advance Parties.

By being in an advance party you can get “More deer, heavier, earlier”.
Advance Parties are small groups of farmers working together to share their productivity challenges and come up with the answers.  DINZ will provide people to organise the group to make sure each participant gets value out of their attendance, and will fund some outside expertise if it is required. But – The responsibility for changing lies with the participants.

To belong to an Advance Party you must:
1.    Commit to measuring and sharing your production information
2.    Commit to working with your group and making changes to the way you do business
3.    Commit to sharing the results with your deer farming community.
DINZ will fund groups for up to three years.  But your challenge might not take that long to resolve, or you might set your sights on longer term issues.

If this sounds like something that would suit you and your business get in touch with DINZ at 04 473 4500 or email info@deernz.org get involved.