Passion2Profit Quarterly Reports

Passion2Profit Quarterly Reports

The Passion2Profit programme aims to grow and capture the full value available to New Zealand by collaboratively positioning farm-raised venison in new markets as a premium non-seasonal meat, and by better aligning supply with demand.

A range of activities are underway to address these aims.  Progress and activity are reported quarterly to the funders,  the quarterly reports are public documents and are available here:

Apr - June 2019 Quarterly Report

Jan - Mar 2019 Quarterly Report

Oct - Dec 2018 Quarterly Report

Jul - Sep 2018 Quarterly Report

Apr - June 2018 Quarterly Report

Jan - Mar 2018 Quarterly Report

Oct - Dec 2017 Quarterly Report

Jul - Sept 2017 Quarterly Report

Apl - Jun 2017 Quarterly Report

Jan - Mar 2017 Quarterly Report

Oct - Dec 2016 Quarterly Report

Jul - Sept 2016 Quarterly Report

Apl - Jun 2016 Quarterly Report

Jan - Mar 2016 Quarterly Report

Oct - Dec 2015 Quarterly Report

Jul - Sept 2015 Quarterly Report

Apl - Jun 2015 Quarterly Report