Deer Industry New Zealand uses levy funds to advocate on issues of importance to deer farming in New Zealand.  Advocacy can take the form of participating in meetings on ad hoc topics with various people, being a member of a particular group, whether a formal one that involves funding or otherwise, or taking part in consultation processes, usually those run by regional or national Government in respect of proposed rules, regulations or Acts of Parliament.

Policy issues fall into several key themes as shown in the following table and the main way in which the interaction takes place is also shown in the table.

Note that policy work done on velvet and co-product market access, velvet market access and animal welfare policy by the Asia Marketing Manager and the Quality Assurance Manager respectively are dealt with under their sections of this site.

Type of interaction Environment Biosecurity Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines
Meetings/correspondence on ad hoc issues
  • International Climate change
  • Emissions Trading Scheme – application to agriculture
  • Agriculture 'point of obligation' under the ETS
  • Government-Industry Agreements
  • CWD risk pathways
  • Quarterly meetings with MPI
Membership of a particular group
  • Biological Emissions Reference Group
  • Stakeholder NAIT Advisory Group
  • Stakeholder Technical Advisory Group (Tb) 
  • NAIT Review Technical User Group
  • interim Foot-and-Mouth Council
  • Biosecurity Industry Group


Type of interaction Environment Biosecurity Animal Health & Welfare Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines
  • Emissions Trading Scheme – application to agriculture
  • Regional councils’ reviews of Conservation Management Strategies and regional plans made under them e.g. ECan plan provisions on nutrient management
  • Biosecurity law reform
  • NAIT regulations
  • Biosecurity Direction Statement (B2025)
  •  Animal Welfare Law   Reform
  • Environment Protection Agency product reviews
  • Data protection for agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines
 Project management/project  participation