Electric fishing revisited

Electric fishing revisited

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In March 2016 Steve Dixon (Fish and Game) and Matt Hickey (Water Resource Management Ltd) returned for a session of electric fishing at the sites that ORC had previously checked in 2014. A 50 metre stretch at the Cattle Yards site yielded two eels (one being nearly a metre long) and a few koura. The second site near the main gates of the deer farm again yielded only koura (this site just outside the boundary of the deer farm drains a cut-over pine block and is still quite heavily silted…it drains into the ‘Crocodile’ paddock, and it appears that little of this silt is making its way further down the stream).

Electric fishing revisited Electric fishing near monitoring site 2 in March 2016. 

Electric fishing revisited Large short-finned eel caught at monitoring site 1 Cattle Yard Stream in March 2016.

The presence of eels near the Cattle Yards is a very good sign of stream rehabilitation. We hope that one day soon we will find the presence of galaxid fish (e.g. inanga, banded kokopu) to indicate that the stream fauna is truly recovering.