Fresh water policies being evaluated

Fresh water policies being evaluated

Friday, September 6, 2019

DINZ is evaluating the government's fresh water policy proposals and will make a considered response later.

Chief executive Dan Coup says the proposals have not come as a surprise. “Clean rivers are a major public concern and were key election policies for both Labour and the Greens.”

He says DINZ and the NZDFA have for several years been encouraging deer farmers to complete a Farm Environment Plan and to regularly review how it’s tracking.

“These plans are almost certain to become compulsory in all regions, so if you haven’t done one, it’s a good time to get your head around what's involved. To the many deer farmers who already have a plan in place and have seen water quality in their creeks improve, well done!

“That said, it's important to bear in mind that the FEPs that the government wants in place on all farms by 2025 are likely to include new requirements that we don't yet know about. As with all plans, environmental plans will change over time in response to new knowledge, farmer experience, regulations and council rules.”

Farmers wanting help with their plan should contact Phil McKenzie, the co-ordinator of the new Deer Industry Environment Groups (DIEGs). There are between five and eight farms in each group, with facilitation funded by the P2P programme. Each group has a focus on helping members write and/or implement their Plans through a mix of mutual support and professional guidance.

Phil can be found at or tel 0274 997 809.

The government's fresh water discussion document, Action for healthy waterways, can be found here >>

Sediment ponds on the Wellington’s deer farm near Te Awamutu that were built as part of the farm’s environment plan