How well is the industry executing its strategy?

How well is the industry executing its strategy?

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

DINZ chair Ian Walker and chief executive Dan Coup ran the ruler over the performance of the deer industry at the 2019 industry conference in Wellington in mid-May. Taking a school report card approach, they gave the industry as whole a B score for its performance.

Some delegates thought they were a bit harsh in their scoring; others felt they were being too soft … so maybe they were close to the mark.

Ranked against the industry’s strategic objectives these were their scores:

  • Premium positioning - venison: B-minus (the % of venison sold chilled is flat to declining)
  • Premium positioning – velvet: A (consumers are expressing a growing preference for NZ velvet over competitors)
  • Diversify markets – venison: B-minus (Asian and US sales have increased, but Eurozone sales have also increased)
  • Diversify markets – velvet: B-plus (the growth in Korean healthy foods is stellar, but doing the same in China is still a work in progress and new markets are needed)
  • Sustainable practice on-farm: C (We are not on-track to meet our target of 100% of farms with FEP)
  • Growing on-farm value: A-plus (farmers have really upped their productivity game in the last 5 years)
  • Cohesive industry: B-minus (Advance Parties well supported; Next Generation over-subscribed; but many farmers not involved and some DFA branches are struggling)
  • Respected industry: C (Other farmers view deer farming positively, but much work needs to be done with the general public, officials and politicians)

Walker and Coup told the conference that to achieve sustainable growth, the industry needed to be respected by consumers and communities for doing the right thing. This needs to be a major area of focus for DINZ in the future.

“The deer industry has always done the right thing for environment, animals and people, but doing the right thing is a moving target. Right now, it is fair to say that public expectations have moved faster than we have. Catching up and exceeding expectations will be a challenge, but the reward will be having communities and customers who want to be associated with us,” they said.

“The important message we need to be giving the wider community and customers is that we do the right thing, not just to tick a box or to comply with regulations, but because that is who we are.”

Photo: DINZ CEO Dan Coup runs the ruler over industry performance against strategy