Invermay’s Land and Environment Plan (LEP3)

Invermay’s Land and Environment Plan (LEP3)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Following on from an invited visit by Otago Regional Council personnel, we developed our own Land and Environment Plan (LEP). We decided to base this on the Beef & Lamb LEP3 module.

Land and Environment Plan 3 for Invermay Research Farm

This would be considered ‘overkill’ by many commercial farmers, as in most cases the LEP2 module is ample; but given the complexity of the Invermay farm as a research unit, and the fact that we have at our fingertips on a vast amount of historically gathered data on the physical nature of the land units (e.g.soil types, fertiliser usage, etc.), we opted for a more comprehensive plan.

{link here on how to develop a LEP2 plan for your farm}

The plan identified environmental issues on a paddock by paddock basis. From this we were able to identify top priority to lower priority areas for mitigation, resulting in a 5-year plan of action. The following commentary is the chronological sequence of events we chose to undertake to be able to be fully compliant within 5 years.