Latest Environment Award Winners

Latest Environment Award Winners

Video of the 2017 Evironment Awards Entrants

2017 Deer Industry Environment Award Recipients 

Premier Award – The Elworthy Environmental Award- Steve & Chris Borland and Bob Sharp

Sponsored by Deer Industry New Zealand

Is the vision of a sustainable farming system ensuring long term protection of the environment and sustainable production. Best farming practice is critically evident.

Duncan & Company Award

Lyndon & Millie Matthews and Family - For vision and innovation whilst mastering a demanding environment.

The recipient of this award demonstrates forward thinking and adopts sustainable farming practices whilst having to operate their business within a demanding environment.

  • Use of internet to promote farm and NZ farm story – contact with Swiss group
  • Three years of drought
  • Major wetland retirement and restoration has encouraged neighbour

Above photo, Millie, Lyndon and Eldon Matthews.

FirstLight Foods Ltd Award

Claire Parkes & Simon Vincent - For total commitment to farming sustainably with a strong customer focus.

The recipient demonstrates a passion for the land and strong environmental stewardship. They actively work towards ensuring the land is left for the next generation in a better state than when they started. It is clear from their business decisions that they have the end customer in mind.

  • Deer farming since 1980 with environmental management a core focus from the start. 1996 purchased their first large-scale farm – all environmental work carried out by themselves. A clear vision of what is required and an ongoing programme of activity is in place.
  • Minimal bought in feed (local apple pomice).
  • Strong linkage with international consumers through SFF Venison Global Retail Programme.

Above photo - Claire Parkes and manager Tom Curnow

Gallagher Technology and Innovation Award

David & Hilary Ward - For excellent utilisation of farming technologies to improve on farm productivity and manage resources.

The recipient of this award has utilised farming technologies and knowledge to progress their business, improve on farm productivity and manage resources.

  • Intensive land use that is managed sustainably with careful and scrupulous monitoring of inputs and management
  • The most fantastic soil resource in Canterbury
  • Open to new ideas and provides a teaching resource to local and international university students

NZ Landcare Trust Award

Steve & Chris Borland and Bob Sharp - For Excellence in sustainable deer farming through action on the ground.

The recipient of this award has demonstrated a strong level of leadership through identification of risk areas on their property, implementation of mitigation tools and adoption of farming systems to ensure long term sustainability.

  • Take a steep, erodible farm with no deer fencing, high rainfall, lots of waterways and many patches of native bush.  Add deer, make a profit and have a low environmental footprint… discuss.
  • Solution: Lots of hard work, prioritised areas for focus, seek council assistance, engage the community, do a job properly but seek low cost options where possible… and have a plan! 

Above photo, Chris and Steve Borland

NZDFA Next Generation Award 

Hamish & Julia Mackenzie - For outstanding performance across environmental, financial and social aspects of the business.

The recipient of this award has demonstrated outstanding performance across environmental, financial and social aspects of their business. Their passion for farming deer and doing it well showcases the opportunities that lie within the NZ deer industry.

  • A well run and low footprint farm operating in an extremely challenging physical environment with significant social scrutiny and regulation.
  • In depth understanding of the environmental challenges and opportunities of the farm.  Tourism is seen as an integral part of the business.
  • Strong, resolute leadership for the farming community with the conviction of fairness and “doing the right thing”.