Video Assortment

Video Assortment


PGG Wrightson Stud Tour - Wilkins Farming Red Deer

12 November 2012

You Tube video of the Wilkins Deer stud as part of the PGG Wrighston Stud Tour. This video covers a range of topics including interesting information on CT Scanning at Invermay, Ultrasound scanning and features Chef Graham Brown.

Tom Kime learns about New Zealand farm-raised venison

7 November 2009

UK Chef Tom Kime talks to venison farmer Ian Scott about farm-raised New Zealand venison.

Deer Farming in NZ

6 January 2009

A brief introduction to farming deer in New Zealand.

A nice bit of deer humour!!!

Deer Industry 2013 Conference

Published on Jun 24, 2013

Highlights from the New Zealand Deer Industry Conference held at the Amora Hotel, Wellington, 23--25 May 2013

Peel Forest Estate Interview

Published on Dec 6, 2012

Graham Carr, Peel Forest Estate, discusses environmental enhancement work on the award-winning deer stud and commercial deer farm in South Canterbury, New Zealand. He also discusses the development of good genetics suited to New Zealand venison producers.

Wakare Farm Field Day: Mike Salvesen

28 August 2012

Canterbury deer farmer Mike Salvesen discusses his farm setup, his priorities for improving productivity, and the valuable role played by electronic identification (EID) as the New Zealand deer industry prepares for the introduction of NAIT (National Animal Identification and Tracing) in March 2013.

Northern Regions Focus Farm:Brian Wellington & Mike Woods

13 October 2011

Northern Regions Deer Industry Focus Farmer Brian Wellington, and facilitator Mike Woods, discuss progress and obectives on Brian and Jackie Wellington's deer farm near Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand. Interview recorded 11 October 2011.