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24 Apr 2019

The 2019 Deer Industry Conference next month and is expected to be a cracker. Delegates will have a hand in developing an industry environmental strategy before heading to the Cake Tin to see the Hurricanes take on the Jaguares.

24 Apr 2019
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  • NAIT and government talk tough on compliance
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  • Venison prices soften, but still travelling well
  • Seven environmental groups meeting
24 Apr 2019

A new system for tracing tagged velvet as it moves through the supply chain is being developed. Feedback is now being sought from farmers, veterinarians, buyers, exporters and others in the supply chain. 

21 Mar 2019

Demand for NZ deer velvet is continuing to rise on the back of a growing market for health foods in South Korea. Deer velvet products are a small but rapidly growing segment in this market, which is dominated by red ginseng.