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18 Dec 2020

The 2020 velvet antler selling season is well underway, with marketers making large sales to their major customers in South Korea and China. While there has been an overall reduction in prices, demand is proving to be resilient, given the impact of Covid on many customers.

15 Dec 2020

Breeding values proving worth in commercial settings
Challenging Conditions - marketers adapting and rethinking strategies in response to global headwinds
Blocking Ticks - experts discuss beat measures for tick control as warming extends pest's range
Immune Function - well-timed research to explore potential of velvet to boost vaccine response

23 Nov 2020
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23 Nov 2020

Consumer demand for NZ deer antler velvet appears to be firming in the main markets, South Korea and China, as well as new growth markets like Taiwan. This is reflected in some reasonable sales of the new season’s crop, says DINZ markets manager Rhys Griffiths.