DINZ, NZDFA and Industry partners have collaborated to produce an array of publications, manuals and tools for NZ deer farmers. Most publications are available online to view and download and some are available at request.


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Deer Industry News Issue 87

  • Branch Chairs' Meeting - updates and leadership focus
  • High growth stags
  • Environment - Focus Farm day at Raincliff Station

Deer Industry News Issue 86

  • Next Generation Conference
  • New #1 destination - US emerges as biggest single venison export market
  • A separate course? Is it time for trophy potential to take a back seat in priorities?
  • Feeding success - New self-feed silage pit pays off for King Country farming couple

Deer Industry News Issue 85

  • Profiling the Premier Elworthy Environment Awards winners
  • Andy Macfarlane - reflecting on a productive 7 years as chair
  • Gisborne Regional Workshop - Animal Health Review process explained

Deer Industry News Issue 84

Regional workshop roundup  - Hawke’s Bay, North Canterbury, Southland

Deer farmer honoured - James Guild, MNZM, reflects on life in deer industry 

Deeresearch  Annual Report - programme highlights, total investment into hitting targets

Deer Industry Conference Coverage