DINZ, NZDFA and Industry partners have collaborated to produce an array of publications, manuals and tools for NZ deer farmers. Most publications are available online to view and download and some are available at request.


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Sustainable deer farming business

A Profitable, Sustainable Deer Farming Business

The deer industry has a range of tools to help you monitor your progress toward achieving your targets.  Help with monitoring:

  • Deer performance;
  • Financial goals;
  • Productivity KPIs; and
  • Environmental Management

A Core Set of KPI Measures for Red Meat Farming Businesses

Understanding how your farm business is performing is critical to making decisions on how to improve that performance. You need to know where you are now, to be able to set targets and then see how actual performance measures up against these targets. There are many possible measures which can be used to analyse the performance of your farm business, however, this publication focuses on a core set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we encourage you to use as the starting point to understand how your farm business is performing.  Produced by the RMPP, this guide includes measures for sheep, beef and deer.

Deer Industry News Issue 92

  • Pre-season market activities in Europe
  • Environment - Southland activing, fence pacing solution, new groups underway
  • International conference - ASPT4: China, World Deer Congress: Russia
  • Next Generation - farm technology and velvet processing on show

NAIT New User - Quick User Guide

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