Deer Industry New Zealand is responsible for promoting and assisting the development of the New Zealand deer industry.

Productivity improvement hub

For information on deer including genetics, more about the national genetics database DEERSelect, biology, deer health, reproduction, transporting deer and more.

Learn more about water and soil management, best practice methods to improve biosecurity on farm, and health & safety reminders to minimise risk in your business

Nutrition, both intake and feed quality, has a major impact on productivity, determining reproductive performance, animal health, weaner liveweight gain and timing of venison supply

Encompases all practices on farm, in shed, right through to transportation. Efficient deer handling, management and facility design is paramount in minimising stress on farm

As a farmer or business owner there are many obligations that come with the territory. These may be National, Regional or local guidelines, many of which are compulsary.

Tools to assist you on farm, including farm management, business, employment and environmental information.

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2014 Bayer Deer Industry Photo Competition

Get your photos in before the 16th of May to win!

Land & Environment Planning Workshops

Get Involved in a workshop near you

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2014 Rising Stars Results Catalogue

2014 Deer Industry Conference is in Methven

Tuesday 20th - Thursday 22nd May

Practical on-farm parasite control advice

See our new flowcharts and information sheets on how to determine the risk of parasitic infections on your farm and how to deal with them cost-effectively.

Industry Advance Parties Kick Off

The Deer Industry Passion 2 Profit Programme is under-way with the establishment of the first set of 6 pilot Advance Parties in the regions

Deer Industry News Issue 64

- 2014 Deer Industry Conference Preview
- Final fling at Windemere
- Sire Sale Report ....and more

What is DEERSelect

DEERSelect is a database for storing pedigree records and trait data collected from performance recorded animals.

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