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2023 Deer Industry Environmental Awards

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    17 Mar - 17 Mar
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Featuring the Premier Prize: ‘The Elworthy Environmental Award’

Principally funded by Deer Industry New Zealand.
Initiated by the New Zealand Deer Farmers’ Association in 2001 as part of the Landcare Manual Project supported by MAF’s Sustainable Farming Fund.

Primary Goals:

  • To recognise innovative deer farmers for implementing and practicing sustainable and profitable deer farming practices in land and deer systems management.
  • To promote the adoption of sustainable deer farming practices on all deer farms.
  • To encourage sharing of experiences and proven best management practices and innovation through the resource of the NZ Deer Farmer's Landcare Manual.

Enter now! Entries for nominations close 5pm, Friday 17th March

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The Premier Award: The Elworthy Environmental Award

The Elworthy family founded the Premier Award in 2001, recognising the importance of the industry’s environmental critical image and responsibility. Its promotion and awareness since then has been critical in encouraging deer farmers to lead adoption of sustainable farming systems and raise awareness of the challenges and innovation resulting in many areas.

The Premier Award involves a cash prize of $2,500 to the premier winner, as well as a commemorative plaque and native tree. Premier winners also receive complimentary awards dinner tickets (i.e. a total prize value of ~$3,000).

The Premier Award recognises leadership in environmental sustainability and excellence in land management as an industry priority and an incentive to all.

It will be won by a deer farmer whose overall methods and practices enhance deer farming in harmony with their farming environment and the wider farming community.

Category (Merit) Award Prizes

The industry is proud to offer special recognition through category prizes from committed sponsors for entrants who deserve credit for unique environmental management programmes, sustainability or innovative farming practises, customer focus and financial performance.

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