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Deer velvet

Deer antler velvet, along with ginseng, are two of the most prized ingredients in Oriental medicine. Their value as health food ingredients is being confirmed by a growing body of research.

Taehwang CheonJin Dan, a luxury herbal product that contains NZ deer velvet, red ginseng and other natural ingredients, was launched in South Korea in 2021

In recent years there has been rapid growth in demand for NZ velvet for natural health products to combat fatigue and to boost immunity. Indeed, the top-selling velvet-based product is for busy executives to give them an energy boost and clearer focus at work. Many athletes also use velvet to aid their recovery following intense physical activity.

If you are interesting in buying NZ velvet, go to www.velvet.org.nz >>

If you are a farmer looking for information on velvet production, go here >>

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