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Deer feed management

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A great tool to assist with growth rate calculations for hinds and weaners

What's this about?

Feed Intake is a simple calculator that uses the hind weight and the calf weaning weight and days to weaning to calculate total feed requirements of the hind or hind/calf pair to meet the liveweight targets set.

Feed Intake also calculates the requirements of growing weaners. Weaner feed requirements are calculated based on average liveweight, gender and target daily liveweight gain.

Feed Allocation is a simple calculator that enables the user to work out feed allocation in a number of ways. You choose which answer you want and then provide the details for the other factors that are needed. Users can calculate the apparent intake allowance, the number of animals needed, the size of area required to meet a chosen feed demand, the amount of feed that would need to be available to meet the feed demand, how much you will leave after grazing, and the number of days that a paddock will provide the chosen allowance.

The calculator can be used in conjunction with Feed Intake. It can be used to allocate both pasture and crops, and by difference can be used to estimate how much extra supplement might be needed to meet a specific feed intake.

DISCLAIMER: This calculator provides a simple method to do calculations. It does not provide any guidance to the actual feed required to meet production targets.

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