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The welfare of deer is a top priority of the NZ deer industry. It is a key element in the pasture to plate concept. Specific focus is placed on ensuring best practice guidelines are followed with transportation, abiding by the five freedoms and when stock are being handled.

A draft Deer Code of Welfare has been released for public comment.

The draft can be found here: mpi.govt.nz/consultations/proposed-code-of-welfare-for-deer

Read the media release from DINZ here >>


To view the Code of Welface and Body condition score charts, see links below in 'more resources'

The Five Freedoms represent ideal states rather than standards for acceptable welfare. However, they are the cornerstones for the analysis and assessment of farm animal welfare although consideration of the whole farm system is taken into account, to maintain an effective livestock industry.

Freedom from hunger & thirst
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom from pain, injury or disease
Freedom to express normal behaviour
Freedom from fear or distress

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