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Deer Industry COVID-19 Information

Resources and information for managing your business during the COVID-19 Levels >>

Canterbury CDEM Factsheet for Canterbury Flooding

Canterbury CDEM Group has put together a useful factsheet for those affected by the Canterbury flood event.

2021 Deer Industry Conference proceedings

Videos and podcasts recorded at the 2021 conference are now available to view by clicking here and also via our YouTu

New Zealand Deer Industry Initiatives

  • Advance Parties

    Deer farmers finding new ways to lift profit.

  • NZ Venison

    NZ venison products, recipes and more

  • NZ Deer Velvet

    Learn more about NZ Velvet & Co-Products

  • DEERSelect

    Deer Select

    A genetic evaluation system to advance NZ deer herd genetics

  • P2P

    Transforming the New Zealand venison industry