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08 Aug 2019

These workshops will help you understand your farms unique natural resources and develop a plan to remain productive while putting actions in place to manage any potential risks to the environment.

24 Sep 2019

Knowing more about deer and how they are farmed may improve your services to the rural sector. Farmers with deer are seeking advice to capitalise on good product prices and opportunities for increases in productivity. This workshop is suitable for non-deer specialists involved in providing advice to farmers with deer such as rural bankers, agronomists, veterinary clinic staff, rural accountants and others. Join us for a day of total immersion into deer farming that will help you or your staff.

27 Sep 2019

Brought to you by the SCNO DFA, Mackenzine Advance Party and kindly hosted by Foveran Deer Park. Date: Friday 27th September Your Hosts: Foveran Deer Park: 858 McHenry’s Road Time: 1pm

08 Oct 2019 to 09 Oct 2019
Every year it is a great opportunity for the NZDFA Branch Chairs to interact with each other, be provided updates from the DINZ Executive, discuss topics of importance and enjoy a social evening.