DINZ appoints interim chief executive and renews executive search

May 28, 2024

Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) has appointed senior leadership team member Rhys Griffiths as interim chief executive as it renews its search for a new chief executive.
DINZ Chair Mandy Bell said that the Board was grateful Mr Griffiths has agreed to step into the role to allow time for a renewed executive search, ensuring the organisation would continue its momentum towards its strategic goals.
Dr Bell said that a candidate who had agreed to lead the organisation would now not be joining as chief executive in June after the Board agreed to release him from his contract in response to changed personal and family circumstances.
“While we are disappointed, as is the candidate, this is a mutual decision, and the Board supports this person as they prioritise a family situation that has emerged,” said Dr Bell. “He is an exceptional leader, and we wish him well as he re-prioritises.”
Dr Bell said that, in light of the organisation’s need to renew its CE search and allow time for this process, the Board had appointed Mr Griffiths as interim chief executive, effective 10 June, to support DINZ’s organisational transition and maintain momentum towards its new vision and strategy.
Mr Griffiths would step into the role with support from the DINZ Chair and Board to ensure that, in additional to his CE responsibilities, he can maintain his leadership on international markets and value chain initiatives.
“While we have lost several months onboarding a new chief executive, we are fortunate with respect to the strength of our senior leadership team and Board, and we are confident we will find a high calibre leader in the coming months,” she said.
“On behalf of the Board, we are grateful to Rhys for stepping into this role, and we look forward to continuing to advance our industry strategy while recruiting a new chief executive who shares our vision for industry transition,” said Dr Bell.
Mr Griffiths said he welcomed the opportunity to gain further executive leadership experience and to support the organisation during the coming months as the leadership search was completed.
“With the support mechanisms put in place by the Board, I am confident in taking on this additional responsibility until a new chief executive can be appointed, while continuing to make progress in terms of supply chain and international markets that has been my specific focus,” he said.
“I look forward to working with the DINZ team, the Board, and our partners to continue to advance the interests of the industry.”
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Dr Mandy Bell
DINZ Chair
027 443 4250

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