Make the head lines! | Issue 173

Dec 3, 2021

Have you cut a great head this year but you can’t show it off because the velvet competitions were cancelled? Well now you can.

It’s not a competition, but if you have a head of velvet you’ve cut this season you’re particularly proud of, Deer Industry News would love to include a picture of your pride and joy in a photo gallery of the best our velvet industry has to offer.

Because people were still cutting velvet and getting photos organised by the cutoff for the December issue, the deadline has been extended into January, for publication in the February edition of the magazine. This will also give time to capture photos of some of the later-developing velvet. So here’s what to do:

  • Hi-res photo of the velvet.
  • Plain background
  • Tidy presentation (no damage, contamination etc)
  • It can be cut velvet or still on the stag
  • Include basic details: Owner’s name, stag name/tag number, age, velvet weight (if cut, or estimate if still on stag – please be realistic!)
  • Email your photo with those details to Deer Industry News:

There’s no cost to do this. Our wonderful sponsors have offered to support this initiative – it’s just a different way of celebrating our amazing product while the usual avenues (competitions) are closed. Remember the magazine is seen around the world so we want to show off the very best!


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