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New Greenhouse Gas emissions calculator available | Issue 167

Jul 8, 2021

Yesterday a new, free Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions calculator for the red meat sector including deer was launched by Beef+Lamb New Zealand.

The GHG Calculator has been developed with input from farmers and advisors across the red meat sector.

Innes Moffat says that the B+LNZ GHG Calculator is able to be used by farmers with deer.

“We will be working with NZDFA, Advance Parties and Venison processors to enable our farmers to know their numbers and begin to plan to manage their biological emissions.”

“Our farmers and marketers, the New Zealand public and our customers expect the industry to play its part in combatting the climate crisis. We are committed to enabling our farmers to measure and manage emissions as part of the He Waka Eke Noa Primary Sector Climate Action partnership.”

The B+LNZ GHG Calculator takes information about your farm and your stock and applies science and data about average emissions at national, regional and farm system level to calculate your on-farm emissions.

You can do a simple calculation using your existing farm and stock number information. This will give you ‘emissions numbers’ to get you started.

You are able add further summary information about livestock purchases, sales and grazing, fertiliser use and vegetation cover to give you a more complete picture of your farm.

The information required for the GHG Calculator includes:

Farm details

  • stock reconciliation (from your accountant)
  • fertiliser use (from your fertiliser provider)
  • vegetation cover estimates. You can find the calculator on the B+LNZ website www.beeflambnz.com and there’s
  • lso useful information including a fact sheet, a handy user guide and videos on the website.

You can find the calculator on the B+LNZ website beeflambnz.com/ghg-calculator-info and there’s also useful information including a fact sheet, a handy user guide and videos on the website. 


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