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Matuschka Award

The New Zealand Deer Farmers’ Association “Matuschka Award” recognises the grass roots farmer and unsung contributor to local area activities, functions and core spirit of deer farming. It is announced at the Annual Deer Industry Conference each year.

As recognition of the unsung heroes at Branch level, it is appropriate that the award itself be presented to the winner at a special mid-winter function in the recipient’s Branch.

Nominations are invited for a farmer or farming entity who has made a significant ongoing or lifetime of contribution to deer farming and the NZDFA in particular at Branch and regional level in any aspect for deer farming.

Nominations should be made through the appropriate Branch or can be direct to the convenor. There is no set format or form to nominate someone. The nominations can be informal, from individuals or Branch nominations or industry groups, or have a nomination endorsed by the branch or other individuals and it’s not necessary to advise a candidate of the nomination.

It’s helpful to have a short biography of your candidate’s contributions, supported by testimonial letters or commentary (more than one is preferred).

Nominations must be submitted to the NZDFA by Tuesday 9 April for the 2024 award. 

For further information contact:

Judges are the Award sponsor, Murray Matuschka, NZDFA life member Bob Swann, Tony Pearse and the previous year’s winner.

The winner will receive a bronze stag head trophy sculptured by Murray Matuschka as a keep sake and we encourage the relevant branch and supporting groups invite the winner to a branch function at some point. It’s typical of past winners that they don’t like the attention, nor would they ever seek it especially at national level, but certainly feel more comfortable locally with their colleagues and friends.  

Murray and Barbara Matuschka developed this Award for the unseen hero. The sort of person that epitomises what Branch activity and commitment is all about, and Murray recognises that every Branch has one or more Nominees typically are reticent about being recognised, so this is a sort of surprise attack, but it is the premier recognition that the NZDFA has in this area for its hard working heroes.

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