Cyclone Gabrielle - farmers helping farmers | Issue 187

Apr 6, 2023

The strength of the NZDFA Branch network has been put to the test in the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle and it has shown how farmers come together to help each other. 

The branch network has been vital in the affected areas with the Hawke's Bay branch coordinating services and help for those that need it, and other branches helping out through donations or even on the ground support.

While it's hard to sum up in a a few words the impact the cyclone has had, there is a write up in the current Deer Industry News and photos that have been shared on the Next Generation NZ Deer Farmers Facebook group, do paint a picture of how much needs to be cleaned up. 

Some photos from Hawkes Bay

A few of photos from Hawke's Bay chair Evan Potter.

Venison Packers Fielding helping out with fencing - photo Harry Gaddum.

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