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Feb 9, 2024

There are four NZDFA appointed positions up for nomination as they become available by rotation (appointment by nomination and election, if necessary), and one producer representative to the Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) board.


The following NZDFA members are up for re-election or retirement from the Selection and Appointments Panel (SAP) and Executive Committee:

  • Graham Peck (SAP, elected 2022) - seeking re-election
  • William Oliver (SAP, elected 2022) - seeking re-election
  • Karen Middelberg (EC, elected unopposed 2022)
  • Jamie Ward (EC, appointed 2022)

The NZDFA needs leaders to maintain an effective voice for farmers at the industry level, pan-agricultural sector level and with regional and central government so we encourage you to think about any of these positions. 

This is a chance to shape the association's future and have a say in the industry as all positions are responsible for appointing our four producer representatives to the Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) board. 

If you would like to indicate your interest, or talk to someone in confidence about these positions, please get in touch with NZDFA Returning Officer Lindsay Fung on or 027 668 0141.

If you would like to discuss the positions with a current member to get an understanding of firsthand experience, please click here for contact details >>

Deer Industry New Zealand

There is also a position coming up for a producer appointed member on the DINZ board with Mandy Bell's position available by rotation.

Interviews for the DINZ board position will be held on the 13 or 14 June (this will be confirmed as soon as possible).

Nomination forms and further information can be found on the website here:


2023-24 Executive Committee, L-R: Karen Middelberg, Mark McCoard, Justin Stevens, Jamie Ward

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