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Apr 4, 2024


- Announcement to all deer farmers: DINZ – NZDFA appointed board member
- NZDFA OSPRI representative
- A change to the size of dams impacted by the regulations
- Welcome to the new DFA Coordinator
- 2024/25 NZDFA subscriptions - invoices heading out soon
- 2024 Awards and Competitions
- Thank you to our 2024 conference sponsors

Production feature: Wintering feed systems
- MetService Outlook April 2024
- Joke of the Month


- 2024 Deer Industry Conference, 8-9 May, Hawke's Bay
- 2024 National Velvet and Hard Antler Competition, Awards night 14 December, Invercargill


Announcement to all deer farmers: 
DINZ – NZDFA appointed board member

There is one producer-appointed position on the DINZ board open for nomination created by the retirement by rotation of Mandy Bell (seeking re-election).

Nominations for this position have been advertised in industry publications, however no nominations were received by the advertised deadline of 4pm 22 March 2024.

NZDFA now call on further nominations for the position, with a closing date of 4pm, 12 April 2024.

The nomination form and further information can be found on the website here: >>

Nominees will have an opportunity to address the NZDFA AGM, on 8 May and will be interviewed in June by the NZDFA SAP to decide on the best candidate. Please note interviews for the DINZ board position will be held on 13 or 14 June (this will be confirmed as soon as possible).

If you would like to indicate your interest, or talk to someone in confidence, please get in touch with NZDFA Returning Officer Lindsay Fung on or 027 668 0141.

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Expressions of Interest for Next Generation

Please contact Lindsay or Louise for enquiries  relating to OSPRI and NAIT. His contact details are 

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Deer Research Project 


Further information and resources: 


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2024/25 NZDFA subscriptions - invoices heading out soon

The next subscription year starts on 1 April 2024 and membership invoices will be heading out soon.

We will be sending out invoices by email again so get in touch if you need to update your email address with us. Also please add in your address book to ensure you receive the invoice.

Payment will still need to pay via bank transfer (02-0506-0268055-000, please update your records) and a reminder that BNZ does not accept cheques.

If you are not currently a member and would like to be, please email to be added to the list.

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2024 Awards and Competitions

NZDFA Matuschka Award

The New Zealand Deer Farmers’ Association “Matuschka Award” recognises the grass roots farmer and unsung contributor to local area activities, functions and core spirit of deer farming.

Deer Industry Award

The Deer Industry Award is an annual award presented each year to the person, persons jointly, or organisation who, in the opinion of the judges, has made the most outstanding contribution to the New Zealand deer industry, either in the previous year, or over a period of years.

2024 MSD Allflex Deer Industry Photo Competition

Last year's competition saw some spectacular entries from all over New Zealand making the job of judging a very difficult one. There are some great prizes on offer, including;

  • $500 cash prize for the first-place winner
  • Category winner cash prizes
  • Premium gift pack for "People's choice" award
  • Framed photos of winning photographs


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Thank you to our 2024 conference sponsors

Platinum sponsor

Premium sponsors

Tier 2 sponsor

 Tier 3 sponsor

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Production feature: Wintering feed systems

Winter can be a critical time for soil erosion, stream pollution and animal welfare on livestock farms. Some wintering systems, especially brassica and fodder beet crops, pose particular risks to water quality with exposed soils becoming saturated, pugged and carried away during heavy or prolonged rain into waterways. As well as carrying soil particles, this runoff contains high levels of phosphorus, nitrogen and bacteria that are a risk to downstream water quality.

Head through to for more information on:

  • Getting it right during winter
  • Designing wintering feed systems
  • Wintering deer indoors
  • Winter storms
  • Winter feed pads
  • Sediment ponds
  • Stock access to waterways

To download our handy Deer Fact sheets on winter grazing management and good environmental practice, click on the links below:

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MetService Outlook - April 2024

Changeable conditions on the horizon

Cooler conditions prevail during the first week of April as a weakening front brings a burst of heavy rain to parts of western South Island, while the remainder of New Zealand remains largely dry with gradually warming afternoon temperatures but chilly mornings. A more active weather pattern emerges next week, with a hybrid system approaching from both the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean. This is likely to be the wettest week this month across many regions, with some heavy rain and potential for downpours. This could also be the warmest period of April across the North Island if a large-scale northerly wind stalls over the country.

The strong low pressure anomaly stalls southeast of New Zealand by mid-month, with a heightened risk of south-to-southeasterly winds delivering much colder conditions across the board. Frosts may become commonplace about inland areas during this time, and the odd hard frost cannot be ruled out about the South Island high country. Rainfall should trend close to normal under passing showers, though western South Island is at-risk of seeing below-normal precipitation.

The final week of April sees very little in the way of rainfall or temperature anomalies, with a likely mix of weakening fronts spreading across the country alongside passing highs. 

Bottom Line: A true autumnal mix of weather, with extended dry spells mixed with a wetter-than-average second week. Temperature fluctuations are also expected, with large swings expected mid-month.

You can sign up for the MetService's Monthly Outlook right to your inbox - click here to subscribe.


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Joke of the Month

Why English is so hard to learn.

You think English is easy? Check out the following!

  1. The bandage was wound around the wound.
  2. The farm was cultivated to produce produce.
  3. The dump was so full that the workers had to refuse more refuse.
  4. We must polish the Polish furniture shown at the store.
  5. He could lead if he would get the lead out.
  6. The soldier decided to desert his tasty dessert in the desert.
  7. Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present to his girlfriend.
  8. A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.
  9. When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.
  10. I did not object to the object which he showed me.
  11. The insurance was invalid for the invalid in his hospital bed.
  12. There was a row among the oarsmen about who would row. 
  13. The were too close to the door to close it.
  14. The buck does funny things with the does are present.
  15. A seamstress and a sewer down into a sewer line.
  16. To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow. 
  17. The wind was too strong to wind the sail around the mast.
  18. Upon seeing the tear in her painting she shed a tear.
  19. I had to subject the subject to a series of tests. 
  20. How can I intimate this to my most intimate friend.  

These are brilliant. Homonyms or homographs are words of like spelling but with more than one meaning and sound. 

When pronounced differently they are known as heteronyms.

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If you have an event that would be of interest to the deer farming industry, please email with details.

Mark your calendars

2024 Deer Industry Conference, 8-9 May, Hawke's Bay

The 2024 industry conference makes a return taking place in Hawke's Bay

The highlight of the conference will be the awards dinner which will feature presentations to the winners of the Matuschka and Deer Industry awards as well as announcing the winners of the MSD Photo Competition.

It will also include a field day the following day. 

Registrations open NOW!


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2024 National Velvet & Trophy Competition

The 2024 Awards Night has been confirmed for Saturday 14th of December. Contact for any enquiries. Details will be updated here when available >>

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