What’s been happening around the country? | Issue 191

Aug 10, 2023

Somehow a month has flown by quickly here in Wellington. NZDFA activity however has been ongoing and there is comprehensive coverage from Jamie Ward of the recent 2023 Next Generation Programme in this issue.

As has been mentioned, spaces for this ever-popular event filled up quickly and this year there were many “new faces” with a wide range of involvement in the industry (from cadets to farm managers).  A big thank you to all the presenters and farmers for making the event an informative and enjoyable two days and one evening (make that a highly enjoyable night for a small group of attendees!).

Some highlights for me were:

  1. Discussion about handling elk/wapiti in the deer shed, and tips on gate configuration.
  2. Networking greatly facilitates entry into and progression within the industry.
  3. Large scale irrigation investment for venison finishing (in the heart of dairy country).
  4. Some great farm cadet training opportunities exist for the deer industry.

In the last DFA Stagline I mentioned that NZDFA was submitting feedback on alternative approaches to stock exclusion from waterways.  This was done on 17 July and a copy can be found on the DINZ website here: (click on the “Submissions” tab at the bottom).  Hopefully our position that alternative approaches to permanently fencing off waterways can be covered in a farm environment plan will be given serious consideration.

Back here in Wellington we are well entrenched in our new office on the same floor as Beef + Lamb New Zealand and most of the cardboard boxes have disappeared.  More importantly the new DINZ Assistant Marketing Manager will be starting next week while interviews have been held for the Industry Capability Manager and interviews for the Environmental Stewardship Manager will be held this week. 

The next major NZDFA activity is Branch Chairs Meeting in Wellington (on 5 and 6 October). This is a good opportunity for farmers views and concerns to be aired and raised with DINZ via the Chair of your local NZDFA Branch.  Some topics under consideration are a scan of animal welfare/health issues, Ministry for Primary Industries On-Farm Support services and unlawful hunting. Contact details for your Branch Chair can be found here:  

And for those of you in the South, DINZ will also be running two South Island roadshows – Alexandra (12 September) and Invercargill/Winton (13 September, venue to be confirmed), details will be advertised soon. Keep an eye on the events page:

- Lindsay Fung, Producer Manager 

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